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Esperanto in Schools

It is interesting to discover that an artificial language that has only existed for about 130 years is actually being taught in the schools to children in various countries throughout the world. I have found some videos on the internet that show children learning Esperanto.

Here is a video showing children in Brazil learning Esperanto.



Here is another video showing children in France learning Esperanto.



Here is another video showing children in Switzerland speaking Esperanto in class.



These Chinese students are learning Esperanto in school.



These German students speak Esperanto.



These Russian university students apparently know the language.



These Dutch university professors teach Esperanto at the University of Amsterdam.



Teaching children Esperanto first is a good idea because it helps them learn other languages faster. Esperanto is such an easy language to learn. Virtually anyone can learn to speak it at a basic level or better within 3 months. However, like learning other languages, one still must work at it. The main difference is that one does not need to work as much at it as one would have to do if one studied one of the national languages. Here is another video by Ted Morley. He teaches Esperanto to children in a primary school in the UK.



Ted Morley has even taught the pop singer, Kelly Clarkson, some Esperanto.



Finally, here is another song in Esperanto by a Swedish band called “La Perdita Generacio” (“The Lost Generation”). Enjoy!

  1. hilarychapman
    January 19, 2016 at 12:48 pm

    Not many people know that the planned international language Esperanto has native speakers too. See:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzDS2WyemBI It was never planned that way, but it happened, and I have met about a dozen native speakers over the years.

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