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Don’t Call Them ISIS

That bunch of crazy nuts over there in Iraq and Syria who want to establish a caliphate and force their perverted, barbaric religion on the whole world really should not be called ISIS. ISIS is an acronym for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

The British Prime Minister is quite correct in saying that they are neither Islamic nor a state. Here is a video showing a film clip of one of her speeches.

Isis is the name of an ancient Egyptian goddess. Such a being does not exist. God does not have a wife.

And exalted is the majesty of our Lord: He has taken neither a wife nor a son. (Koran 72:3, Yusuf Ali)

There are British Muslims who strongly oppose those lunatics. Here is a video showing some of them speaking out against them.

This young Muslim lady thinks they should be called DAESH. This is an Arabic acronym for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. I have watched the news and have heard some of our generals call them that. In this video she explains the meaning of the word, daesh.

 I think that I have a better acronym for them: PISSI. This stands for Pseudo-Islamic State of Syria and Iraq. They do not appear to be practicing the type of Islam I have read in the Koran. Their religion is not genuine Islam. It is Pseudo-Islam. PISSI is a good name for them. Let’s call them that.

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