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He Hit the Nail Flat Square on the Head

May 14, 2017 Leave a comment

I discovered this video on Youtube. It was posted a couple of years ago. In it the Islamic scholar, Shabir Ally, tells about the source of Islamic extremism. I want to share the video here. I think that he “hit the nail flat square on the head.” This is the problem and the reason why so many professing Muslims resort to barbaric extremism.

I have been reading and studying the Koran. It is really quite benign. Of course, there are some passages which could be interpreted as encouraging war, but only if one cherry picks verses out of the context of the passage and does not look at what is being said in its historical context. Actually, the Koran encourages people to live in peace with each other. There is no commandment in the Koran to force people to accept Islam. There is no commandment in the Koran to mutilate a young girl’s genitals. There is no commandment in the Koran to kill someone in order to preserve one’s family’s honor. There is no commandment in the Koran to stone anyone to death for committing adultery or fornication. There is really no commandment in the Koran to kill an apostate, but some people cherry pick a verse or two from the Koran to support the practice. Looking at those verses in the context of the passages in which they occur and looking at what the rest of the Koran says, no one should be put to death for apostatizing from Islam.

I have already written some blogs on many of these subjects.

The problem is those hearsay hadiths written down over 200 years after Muhammad died. People have been using that massive collection of hearsay to formulate Sharia law and interpret the Koran. The classical tafsirs (Koranic commentators) have relied on those hearsay hadiths. Shabir said that in the videos.

Many of those hadiths (short stories about Muhammad and quotes of sayings allegedly attributed to him) contradict the teachings of the Koran and the Bible.

Scrap the hearsay and you have a much more pleasant version of the religion.