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The Sunday of Saint Fatima

May 14, 2017 Leave a comment

I am an Orthodox Christian. Today in our Church we commemorate the Samaritan woman with whom Christ spoke in John 4. The Bible does not tell us much about her. We know from Church history and from reading the lives of the Saints that her sons (Victor and Joses) and she were eventually martyred in about 66 A.D. They all became Christians and died professing their faith in Jesus Christ.

Saint Fatima is also commemorated on March 20.

The Russian Christians call her Svetlana. The Greek Christians call her Photina (or Photini). The Arab Christians call her Fatima.

It has been the practice of Christians since ancient times to name their children after Saints. A Christian’s Patron Saint’s feast day is his or her name day.

Guess what is the name of Muhammad’s oldest daughter. Fatima. Muhammad’s oldest daughter was named after the Samaritan woman in John 4. She had a Christian name.

I just thought that this would be something interesting to share.